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djeeCats connects you with djees 6 cats at home and the stray cats she takes care of in Hong Kong.

I am djee and djeeCats is not just an app about my 6 cats at home. With the help of, Hong Kongs first social network for pet owners, we created this app to share my experience as a volunteer serving stray cats in Hong Kong. Couple of years ago I went by the name Mary and was featured in a YouTube video, “My Life as a Stray Cat in Hong Kong”. This app is a continuation of that effort to raise awareness of the challenges stray animals face in Hong Kong and encourage people to adopt instead of buying pets.

Besides my own 6 cats, I will be posting profiles and updates of the stray cats that I take care of and hopefully I can find them a home through this app, you know?

Just like my 5 beloved cats at home.

*frequently updated pictures of my cats and those under my care
*follow my updates on my daily interaction with animals
*read my blog
*if you sign up for a free account with through my app, you can do even more, like comment on my status and blog posts, and select the pets available for adoption to follow
*create profile of your own pets on to let the world to follow
*upload photos directly from iPhones to your pet profiles
*find location of a vet near you
*search for PetPals and PetPet